Friday, January 20, 2012

Unemployed To Do List: Item 1

Now that I've got ALL the free time ever, I've been thinking about things I want to do. First and foremost is obviously finding a new job, but I want to do things that I normally wouldn't do when I was a full time employee.
I've always been interested in a raw food diet (no, I don't mean chowing down on uncooked meat or anything gross like that). I mean preparing food that requires little to no cooking and is made up of organic foods. Sounds weird, right? Well, it sounds like fun to me! I don't know, I'm a weirdo daughter of a health nut... it's in my genes.
Anywho, I am a major brownie enthusiast but not so much of a fan of the calories that come with it. What should a girl with an interest in raw foods and a love of brownies do?
Experiment with a raw brownie recipe!! And that is item 1 on my unemployed to do list.

Doesn't that look delicious??

I found this raw brownie recipe over at The Rawtarian that I am going to follow on Monday (after I do a ton of job searching, of course)! The recipe looks pretty simple and the tag line was "six ingredients, ten minutes, one processor, done!" I like the sound of that!
I'll tell you guys how it goes... :)

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