Monday, August 4, 2008


Wow, sorry for the lack of posts. I figured I'd have all the time in the world to post since I had a four month summer break. Time flies when you're having fun I guess.... or just incredibly busy at work.

Anyway, I just got back from a family reunion in Missouri. It was a ton of fun. Although California will always be home, Missouri is still a cool place to visit. haha.

Moving on.....

My parents and I have always been big fans of Volks Wagen. Growing up, I was chauffeured around in a VW Jetta. Now my mom drives a dad, a Golf TDI...and as for me, I putt around in a New Beetle TDI. All of our cars age between 5-8 years and for some reason they are all DYING! A couple weeks ago the alternator in my car broke leaving me completely stranded on the side of highway 99 between Fresno and Modesto. My moms blinkers don't work, and the little computer screen above the steering wheel constantly flashes the words: STOP! (kinda scary). As for my dads car, which was seen as the safest, most reliable.... well... its just funked up. We drove it to Denver this past week and it gave us so much trouble. We would be driving 75mph on the highway and then it would jerk and decelerate. Not good.
My and my dad's car have been fixed but seems like my mom's is hopeless. So we're looking for a new Passat!
While passing through Nevada we stopped at Boomtown (or something like that... ) and saw this sweet ride:

My mom was thinking about a black Passat but now Im trying to convince her into a red one. She doesnt want red (at the moment) cuz she's scared it will attract police (and she tends to speed).
I'm slowly turning her to the dark side....hopefully in a few months I'll be borrowing a hot red Passat during my weekends home. hehehe.

Moving on... I got a package from Buenos Aires, Argentina today! I purchased something online a few weeks ago and it came while we were on vacation.

I think I might cut the stamped part out and keep it... Ive never gotten anything from Argentina in the mail before!

I opened it up and found this...

Im a big fan of cool packaging....

and I love love LOVE the fabric it came in.

Anyway, here it is: hand shaped silver customized to say "Be Strong"...Words I live by. I really like it. :)

A couple weeks ago, my work had a company picnic and I won my FIRST bottle of wine!
Its a white wine.... haven't had any yet.... I guess Im saving it for something special.

And finally, I found this mysterious puddle of water on the counter earlier today. Looked cool so I took a picture of it.