Monday, January 16, 2012

Bits of My Weekend


Since the beginning of the new year, Alex has been working non-stop...literally! He hasn't had a day off since the 2nd or 3rd! So on Saturday after he finished a short shift at work, we took a trip down to Corte Madera and had some clam chowder in bread bowls at the famous Boudin. It's our favorite place for clam chowder... we usually head all the way down to San Francisco for it but thanks to Foursquare, we found out that there is a restaurant much closer to us.

While we were out, we saw a cute dog playing in a water fountain. I don't know about you guys, but I loooove dogs so I just had to get a few pictures of the cute little guy. I wasn't the only one either, a crowd had gathered around the pup ooh-ing and aw-ing. It was just too cute!

We also finally took our Christmas tree down (yea, it's the middle of January...we're procrastinators who love Christmas!)
Since I'm the most organized person you will ever meet (not!), I found mustaches from my 2010 Halloween costume in our "Xmas Decorations" box. There were only two left, so we did the only logical thing there was to do and wore them while we undecorated. Not gonna lie, I kinda want Alex to grow a real one... too bad he kept complaining that it was itchy.
I'm thinking that last picture of us might be a future Christmas card... hehe, I love it!

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