Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Longer "Trapped in the World of Steel Construction"

I'm going to have to think of a new title for this blog. My job had a major work force reduction and I was laid off today.
As much as it sucks, I really think it's a good thing.
I was an Interior Design major in college and after I graduated in 2010, this job as a CAD drafter at a steel construction company just fell into my lap. Of course I'm grateful I had the job - I was able to work with my dad for a year and eight months, I learned everything I know about AutoCAD (one of the important programs used in my field), and learned a ton about the construction industry.
In the time between graduation and today I'd been sort of searching for a job in interior design, but I didn't get upset if I didn't hear back from employers. My job was comfortable and I was making good money, but I was not doing what I love and that was definitely a draw back.
One of my hobbies is reading blogs. Design, photography, fashion... if you blog about it, I'll read it. It always amazed me how many people are doing what they love and are making a living out of it. I want that!

 I feel that this lay off is the universe's way of forcing me out of that comfort zone to really concentrate on finding a job I love in interior design. One of the nice things my boss said as he let me go was that he was surprised at how fast I picked up on modeling and drafting and how well I did in a field that I literally knew nothing about going in. If I can succeed in fueling systems and pipe design, I think I can master anything...this is just the motivation I need to get what I want.

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