Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Compliments and Cochella

What an pleasantly odd day today was. I spent all day shopping for a client with one of my co-workers. It was so much fun! We went crazy and basically filled my co-worker's Jeep Cherokee to the top with pillows, vases, art and other nick-knacks for the installation tomorrow.

Something weird happened to me while I was at Home Goods though.
My co-worker was talking to our boss on the phone and I was left in charge of our cart. I was following her down an aisle when this employee walks up to me. He stood there looking at me and instead of asking me if I was finding everything ok (like I expected him to), he asks me if I'm Canadian. At first I didn't think I heard him right but he asked me again and I answered, "Nooo.... I'm American..." I must have looked like a total douche in my confusion, but he sweetly and nervously replied, "Well you look wonderful."
I felt so bad! I said thank you and awkwardly maneuvered the cart away.
I'm such a dummy sometimes. So if that kid is reading this, seriously, thank you for the compliment. You really did make my morning.

In other news, anyone going to Cochella? By some miracle, Alex scored us some tickets for week two and I cannot be more excited! Tegan and Sarah, Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend, RHCP... Woo!
You going?

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