Monday, July 2, 2012

Moving On

Did a tornado come through my apartment? Nope! After 20 months, Alex and I are moving out of our first apartment! It was a good lil apartment but I'm glad to be moving on. Not that we are moving too far away... just to another (nicer) complex down the street. I'll still be about four minutes away from my parents and Alex will still be about a two hour bus ride away from the city. Hopefully by this time next year we will both be working and living in the city but for now my hometown will have to work.

Moving is never easy (and you're talking to a girl who lived in a different apartment every single year in college). This move was especially hard, however. After searching for a new place for about two months, we finally found the perfect place that accepted our application. The only problem was the lease on our old place ended June 30th and our new place won't be available until July 24th! Luckily, my parents invited Alex and I to stay with them until the new apartment is ready. That means that for three weeks, all of our belongings will live in a storage unit and Alex and I will be living in my childhood bedroom. It's going to be cramped but something we have to do. I'm just thankful for my parents generosity in taking us in.

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