Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Decorating!

Alex and I are huge fans of the Christmas Spirit. We love the lights, the ornaments, the egg nog... you name it, we like it. We are also the type of people who buy our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Here is our apartment's transformation over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Here is our messy living room before:

We headed to a little Chirstmas tree lot by our house. They had cheap trees, free delivery and we were helping out a little boy scout troop.

After a stroll around the lot, we found our tree.

After the awesome boy scouts lugged the tree up to our apartment, we threw on the lights and ornaments and the room started to glow.

But that's not all... we decorated our mantle* too! Christmas mantle!!

We weren't sure if we were allowed to put lights up outside**, but we figured it's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

* Thanks to my mom for letting me use her decorations! She doesn't use them too much anymore and has an excellent collection of little Santas and vintage glass ornaments.
** We received a newsletter from the complex that said it's OK to decorate so... woo hoo!

Happy Holidays everybody!


ashley faye said...

cute! i like your deck

marika said...

Thanks so much! :)