Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Officially Working from Home!

Back in January, I was laid off from my job as a drafter for a construction company. It was my first job after college and although it helped me pay bills and I enjoyed working there, it was not a job that I could see turning into a career. It was day in and day out of steel construction so you can imagine it got really boring for a girl who studied interior design in college.
After being unemployed for five months, I was finally hired by a small architecture company in town as a part timer. I learned a lot from that job and I was especially grateful because it was my first design-related job.  As much as I loved it, I was not working as many hours as I wanted and being an independent contractor, job security was an issue.
Now, after working my first design-related job for the past five months and applying to countless firms and designers, I finally landed an interior design job!
It was total luck and looks like a job that I can grow in to. I'm working for a design/build company in Napa as a CAD drafter. It's full time and the principal designer said that I will also have the opportunity to try my hand at designing as well!
I'm super stoked and one of the perks is that I will be working from home. I've never had to work from home before and have already been warned by a number of people that I will soon be apart of the "I'm Never Getting Out of My Pajamas Today" club. In an effort to not end up dressing like a frump, I made this little "Sleepy Chic" outfit. Something cute but comfy. Something that I can throw on but not be embarrassed in if someone came knocking on the door.  Cute, no?
Welp, tomorrow is my first day...wish me luck!

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