Sunday, September 2, 2012

Candy Haul

IMG_5731 (2)
IMG_5732 (2)
IMG_5736 (2)

Yesterday we bought candy. Lots of candy, which is unusual because for the most part, we (and by we I mostly mean I - he still love his Honey Bunches of Oats) have given up processed foods. However, when I saw that purple package of Choward’s Violet mints (the same one I’ve seen floating around Tumblr) I knew I had to try them.

Then I saw the Bon Bons. The same chewy goodness that I used to buy from the French Club back in high school. How could I resist?

Not wanting to feel left out, Alex picked out a candy too.
“Happy or fizzy cola?” he asked.

They may be empty calories but gosh dern-it, they are tasty.

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