Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse 2012

IMG_5125 - Copy
As you probably already know, there was a solar eclipse today! Thank God for Facebook or I would have missed it! The light outside was very unusual. It felt like being in an apocalyptic movie where the end of days was near.
You could not see the eclipse without some sort of filter (you do not want to damage your eyes!) so we made a pinhole projector.
We used a long cardboard tube, a piece of aluminum foil with a pinhole and something to project on (we used a takeout box, haha).

IMG_5126 - Copy
Here is my dad with our pinhole projector, trying to locate the projection on the takeout box.

IMG_5128 - Copy
There it is! A nice little crescent.

IMG_5129 - Copy
Here is the other end of our projector: the foil with a pinhole.

IMG_5136 - Copy
Another view of our projection.

IMG_5139 - Copy
We finally got our hands on a perfectly transparent piece of paper and used that instead of the little takeout box.

The crescent was getting thinner and thinner...

Weird crescent shaped shadows were being cast from the eclipse. Cool and unusual stuff going on, people!

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