Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Coffee Break

Yesterday my mom and I were a little bored and wanted to get out of the house. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out a new little coffee shop in town called Acre Coffee.
The front window of the shop is really what first caught my eye. It sits at an angle and the panes can fold completely open bringing the exterior and interior together... I love it!
The interior of the coffee shop did not disappoint either. It had an industrial feel with some rustic elements mixed in. It's a smaller space so there was room for a few small tables, a wall counter with bar stools and a large farm-style community table that had seating for 8. All around the shop were little lamps, terrariums, and art that made the space feel more like the little country home filled with awesome vintage finds that you dream about at night (well at least that's what I dream about!)
All together, Acre Coffee is pretty much my favorite cafe in town now. A well designed space and a mean cup of chai tea makes me one happy customer.

(Photos courtesy of my cruddy phone)

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