Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Last weekend I had a Groupon for a new pair of eyeglasses from a little boutique in San Francisco. My parents are always up for a Saturday morning adventure so they accompanied me to Union Street where the store is located.
After about 45 minutes, I, along with the assistance of one of their fantastic employees, found the perfect pair of nerdy glasses for me. I'm so excited! They should arrive in about two weeks so prepare for a very vain post of me modeling them (Just kidding! Sort of...) because I'm sure I will never wear contacts again.
When we were done at the eyeglasses store, my parents and I wandered up and down Union Street which is always fun. So many cute little boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

There was an interesting house just off of Union Street that had a very clever way of adding a green element to their home which was located directly next too a beauty salon. Don't you just love this vertical garden filled with succulents??  My dad had me take photos of it because he is in the process of xeriscaping the yard and thought something like this would add a nice element to it.

A cute cat soaking up some February sun in the front window of this store.

So many outdoor cafes on Union Street...great place for people watching.

 This flower shop brought a nice bit of color to the city.

And finally, we can never call it a trip to the city complete without stopping at our favorite ice cream shop. Swensen's has the best Swiss Orange Chip and Green Tea ice cream!

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